Sewing Photos

Banner floral pattern with button sewn on
top down photo of AbI Currer sewing during a class with various fabrics and colourful threads sewing machine and mac

Cotton Club Gallery

Here are some examples of items made by Cotton Clubbers in our children's and adult's classes.


One of the most satisfying things about the Cotton Club experience is completing your first (of many) garments! The reward of completing a tailor made item in fabrics you have chosen is a fantastic feeling and something many of us love!

As people progress through Cotton Club learning new techniques and developing their skills the possibilities of what to make are endless, we have had jackets, skirts, dresses, tops, blouses, trousers and much, much more!

Here you will find a selection of  garments that have been made by Cotton Clubbers and I think you will agree they are all beautifully and wonderfully made. 

a colourful dress on a mannequin an example of a dress made during a sewing course in East Grinstead


These cushion covers offer the perfect project to learn more key skills in dressmaking.

Inserting zips and making buttonholes are vital in your journey to becoming a competent sewer and help widen your skills as your confidence grows.

a bag that has been sewn during a sewing lesson course in East Grinstead

Beginners Tote Bags

These beginners classes are for anyone who would like to learn to sew. 

So if you have not used a machine since school, or if you haven't the faintest idea where to start, this is the project for you.

In just 6 manageable weeks, you can learn everything from how to set up a machine, through to making a custom designed tote bag as pictured.

Testimonial: From Simi

"I had never touched a machine in my life, but loved the idea of being creative in my spare time, and with the one on one help I received in the beginners  class I walked away with my own creation!

a beach bag from an easy sewing lesson class

Free hand embroidery

We had such fun experimenting and trialling this new technique of free hand embroidery with the sewing machines at Cotton Club.

It allows such creativity and freedom with this really illustrative way of working, using different threads and using up our fabric scraps to make beautiful images.

Children's Courses

Saturday clubs are available for ages 8 year and up in East Grinstead, and now in Crawley on Thursdays after school.

These sewing classes run for 90 minutes and are filled with lots of joy and giggles, and plenty of fun can be had in the hour and a half session.

Birthday parties are also available on Saturdays, at Jubilee Community Centre, East Grinstead. 

We can cater for groups of any size, and ability. All fabrics and machines are included and timings are very flexible. Contact us for more info and Pricing.

a group of ladies learning to use sewing machines during a sewing wrokshop

Children's Workshops

October Half term 2017

Sleepy Fox Cushions

Using a gorgeous brown tweed fabric we appliqued sleeping foxes onto cushions covers the children made. They chose their own orange fabrics from a choice of different tones and patterns and then used their creativity to which other colours to use for their faces and stitching.

May Half Term 2017

This half term we made Pencil and notebook cases, they were such fun to make and everybody went home with a finished project it was so satisfying watching everybody do so well.

The children matched their own fabrics together to create their own combination of colours.

February Half Term 2016

This worksop saw the Children making French Memory Boards to store all their photos, ticket stubs, invitations and important notes on. We had such fun together and everybody went home with a finished project. 

May Half Term 2016

This May the children made Summer Owl Bunting; a row of 5 little owls with button eyes and attached onto rustic string for them to hang wherever they fancy! 

The children had a vairety of fabrics to choose from and everyone took home a gorgeoushandmade set of bunting.

Christmas Term December 2016

We had such fun creating festive wreaths this year to hang on our front doors or in our houses.

People were able to choose their own fabric combinations matching their festive themes or toning in with christmas colour schemes. 

decorative floral embellishment

These pictures are of items made for teaching purposes, made by members of a Cotton Club class or by individuals attending parties run by Cotton Club.