I was about to give an old dress summer dress away to the charity shop that I used to love wearing, when I realised that there were several elements that I could repurpose and make something new from!

There was the lace at th hem, shirring at the bust and the ties from the dress, not to mention the fabric from the actual dress itself.

I decided that the thing I would have most satisfaction in, is seeing Olivia wear one of my old favourite dresses!

Sooooo let operation romper suit begin!

I cut everything out using a free pattern I recieved with my magazine.

I paired the green with some floral remnants that were also given to me after someone had made a bedspread and had leftover fabrics! They work really well together.

I started by sewing the yoke & the lining together at the shoulder seams and pressed the seams open.

Next I gathered in the green fabric of the main romper section and pinned it onto the yoke, stitched it in place and then pressed the seam allowance upwards.

I then inserted an invisible zip in the back, I only had a white one 'in house' and didn't want to buy one, so used it anyway, its not an ideal colour, but at least it's invisible so it's relatively discreet. I top stitched either side of the zip to hold the lining in place.

I sewed a tab on the end of the zip so that it didn't scratch and because I had to manually shorten the zip to the length I wanted. This acts as a buffer to stop the zip pull.

On the previous romper I made out of jersey I double turned the armholes to hem them, but with cotton you have much less give. So I had to bind the armholes because there was no forgiveness in the fabric. I turned the binding all the way to the inside so that it isn't seen from the outside.

This is the inside of the romper.

I bound the crotch and added poppers for those quick nappy changes.

I then went onto make a headband too...I couldnt help myself!!

I think it's gorgeous!

Then I woke Olivia from her nap because I was so excited to put her in it!