This year I bought a scalloped edge top in the Next January sales and even though I've only worn it a few times, I absolutely love it; the cut, the size and the shape! 
So I thought I would have a go at recreating this top in a different fabric by drawing a pattern from the top I already have, and then making it in a new fabric.

I started by laying my exsisting top onto the paper and drawing round it. I added 1cm seam allowance all the way around. I made just one pattern piece for the front and the back so the two lines you see below are for the different front and back necklines.

To create even scallops I traced one scallop onto paper and then folded the paper back on itself, that way when I cut it out it was a perfect repeat. 

Then once I had copied the sleeve pattern as well I cut it out on my fabric.

Because the fabric doesn't fray I could simply cut the scallop edge and it will remain neat.

The original top has facing around the neckline but I found that it was a bit cumbersome as the fabric is relatively thick. So instead I bound the neck edge and turned the binding all the way to the inside so it cant be seen from the outside.

I top stitched the binding to the inside and then cut away the excess fabric.

I sewed the shoulders together first, then inserted the sleeves, and finally sewed all the way up the side seams and up the sleeve in one continuous stitching.

Although it is a stretch fabric I still used a straight stitch because it isn't a tight fitting garment and I am not expecting the seams to have to stretch.