I absolutely LOVE pleated fabrics and couldn't help myself but buy some from 'Chrisanne Ltd' to make a skirt. I bought two half circles of coral pleated georgette, I then used non pleated georgette & satin chiffon to line it so that it wasn't sheer.

I covered elastic in coral lycra for the waistband, and flipped the skirt onto the waistband so that there was a neat join.

The half circles came 100cm long which meant that once I had the fullness evenly distributed I needed to level the hem.

I used a 'hem puffer' to level the skirt, it puffs out a little line of chalk (or talcum powder in my case) so that you know where to cut.

The first cut is always most daunting but once you've started its a breeze!!

I put in an invisible zip at the side of the skirt for easy on and off.

I'm so pleased with how it turned out!!