Now that Olivia is weaning she is in the Bumbo alot, which means she is on one of our fabric chairs, alot. So anything she drops or spits inevitably marks the cloth. So I have taken a remnant of oilcloth and made a chair cover which is wipeable for any spillages.


I placed the oil cloth remnant upside down on the seat and turned over the back edge so that it was a neat double turned hem.

I pinned a dart in each of the front corners to fit the oil cloth to the seat.

I put a teflon foot onto the sewing machine to avoid the oilcloth sticking to the machine

I sewed the darts in the corners with a normal straight stitch.

To secure the seat cover onto the chair I sewed ribbon at the back of the oilcloth which I sewed back on itself to conceal the raw edge.

The seat cover tied onto the chair in place

Such a simple concept to make and does the job perfectly of keeping my dining room chair clean!!