This month is a 'double whammy!' I used a pattern I had in my pattern stash and used fabric I bought last summer and never used! So twice as many points for this months New Years Resolution make.

This is the pattern I used...

I cut it all out, making sure the pattern pieces laid the correct way on the fabric so that the stretch was around the body.

I ironed the interfacing onto the facing pieces, then sewed them together at the shoulders and the side seams. Then with right sides together I sewed the facing to the dress, trimmed the seam allowances then turned it through to the right side.
I always iron things as I go along so that they are as neat & professional as possible.

I sewed the side seams together and pressed them open then sewed in an invisible zip.

I had to make a couple of adjustments; taking in the zip at the back between the shoulder blades so that it didn't gape, and in the small of the back too. I pinned it on myself inside out and then marking it with chalk, took the pins out and sewed it with a straight stitch.

I'm not sure when I am going to wear it as I don't have any weddings to go to so far this year, but it is a marvellous excuse to dress up and have a Pimms or two when the sun is shining.

Now to organise the sunshine!!