This month I used a Prima pattern that somebody was throwing away, and have now made good use of it! It is a pleated skirt, with 2 at the front and 2 at the back to give it some shape.
 The fabric I used for this skirt can only be described as a waffle effect crepe, it's unusual but quite cool. The fact that the print is so vibrant and bold is right up my street!

I had to trace the pattern off before I started as it was on a double sided piece of paper and I needed both sides! Once everything had been cut out i started by sewing the side seams together.

Then I pressed the waistband in half to give it a sharp, neat top edge.

Next to be done was insert the invisible zip.


Then I closed the remainder of the seam underneath the zip.
I attached the waistband, then pinned it to encase the seam allowance of the top edge, pinning it accurately as I wanted to sync stitch it, and if it wasn't pinned correctly I would have to start again!


I finished the waistband neatly either side of the zip.

Then finally I hemmed the bottom edge

Et voila...a summery flowery skirt to wear! I really like it!