With the machine covers at Cotton Club looking worse for wear, ripped and useless, I decided to under
take the project of making EIGHT new covers.

I had lots of white cotton fabric in my chest of drawers so thought I could use that to make the body of the covers. I also cut out pockets to go on the back of the cover.

I added colour to the covers by making the ends colourful prints also in cotton. 

I measured each machine to make sure the hole for the handle was in the right place, as the old plastic covers didn't actually fit properly and wouldn't let the handles work with the covers on. This was different for each type of machine I, so I had to actually make 4 different shapes & sizes of machine cover; Bother, Singer, Frister & Rossmann & a second type of Brother.

I didn't want the covers to be too plain so I printed out the Cotton Club logo and traced it onto all 8 covers.

Then using free hand embroidery on my machine (by dropping the dog teeth feed) I drew the logo with a row of stitching. 


 I also used bondawebb to applique on the number of each machine.

Such a great use of my fabric stash, they look really smart all together.