I have decided that my New Year's resolution is going to be to use up fabric and patterns that I have already got at home! It is so easy to hoard fabric and keep things just incase I may need them, in a very specific situations. Which NEVER happens!

SO, I am going to try to make one thing; either a garment or project, a month using either fabric or a pattern from my vast array of stored 'what if' fabrics.

The first project for my New Years resolution is a pink sequin shift top which ticks both boxes! I used a pattern I had stored AND I used fabric that i already had. Even the sequin fabric was left over scraps from work so I could cut it up to applique it around the hem and the cuffs!

The front and the back of the top were the same pattern piece, so I had to make sure I cut along the relevant stylelines for the front vs the back.

I cut out the sleeves one at a time as I needed to be efficient with the use of my fabric because it was a remnant.

I ironed 'bondawebb' to the back of the sequin fabric so that once I had pinned it in place I could iron it on and it would stick to the fabric. I cut the shapes of the sequin fabric one the top as I went to that I could choose the design.

I find that if I use 'bondawebb' it is then much easier to sew applique in place, as you can take out the pins and everything stays exactly in place.

It was very difficult to sew the sequins, it was so thick that I did break a few needles!

Aaaaaand finished!!