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Upcycled Dress into Romper

Posted by Abi Currer on Tuesday, July 4, 2017, In : Alterations & Upcycling 

I was about to give an old dress summer dress away to the charity shop that I used to love wearing, when I realised that there were several elements that I could repurpose and make something new from!

There was the lace at th hem, shirring at the bust and the ties from the dress, not to mention the fabric from the actual dress itself.

I decided that the thing I would have most satisfaction in, is seeing Olivia wear one of my old favourite dresses!

Sooooo let operation romper suit begin!

I cut ev...

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Neck styleline alteration

Posted by Abi Currer on Thursday, February 23, 2017, In : Alterations & Upcycling 

Ed gave me a dress as a gift! I love the pattern and the colours, but when I tried it on the neckline was really unflattering SO rather than return it, I thought I would change the neckline so I can wear it this Spring!


I pinned a new style line on the manikin and then cut 1.5cm away from the pins so that I have seam allowance for hemming it.

I turned over the cut edge twice so that it had a double hem. It is harder to hem a curve as you sometimes get puckering, especially with stretch fa...

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